Kamau Kenpo rotterdam


7th degree black belt Damian Abbott, Ernst Blikslager (4th degree) and Marcel de Jong (5th degree) bring you three more back to back intensive seminars on our 8th outing and collaboration in Holland.

Saturday 9th February 2019, commencing at 2pm until 5pm. The three seminars are priced at €65 per person, and there will also be the opportunity to WIN PRIVATE SESSIONS with each of the Instructors to be used anytime and anyplace within the next 12 months, by way of a small raffle, and a SPECIAL BONUS PRIZE will be available for a discounted entry for two people to “The Calling Unplugged” in Exeter, U.K., over the weekend of September 20th to 22nd 2019.

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Dinner, raffle and entertainment on the 9th (evening time) after the seminars! Don't miss it!!


Rotterdam meets Utrecht

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